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• Crete island:
⁃ Agios Nikolaos -> Elounda – Spinalonga -> Mochlos!
⁃ Ierapetra -> Chrissi island ->Koufonisi island!  • Full day trip to SANTORINI island!
For more days, we provide accommodation!

•Full day trip!
•Half day trip!
•Sunset trip!
• A trip at one by one the little bays!
• Visit all the small islands in the
Gulf of Mirabello!
•Fishing by fishing-gun!
•Fishing by fishing-lines!
• Private swimming at marvelous sandy beaches!

Special offer> home made, Traditional Cretan food from Grandmother Praxia cooked with our own products!
Fruit and vegetables from our gardens!
All kinds of drinks!

  • Party,
  • Bachelor party,
  • Wedding,
  • Birthday,
  • Marriage proposals,
  • On board events,
  • Photo shooting,
  • Transfers!

• SUP!
• Diving scooter!
• Jet ski!
• Diving!
• Water sports!
• Rings!
• Banana!

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Ideas for boat destinations

The cruise starts from the marina of Agios Nikolaos where the Owner and well experienced Captain of the yacht Mr Michalis Klontzas, warmly welcomes you on board!
A traditional Cretan treat from the grandmother is offered to you for a delicious start up!
Together, we make the route, which satisfies your preferences. Our suggestion includes the following two destinations!

  • First stop is the •cave of seal•  Nearby the beach  •Almyros River•! The protected wetland, home to various rare birds, tall eucalyptus trees, reed and few palm trees.
    Then, we visit the picturesque •port of Agios Nikolaos• and right after the •first tourist resort in Greece•, built in 1962.
    Next stop is •Agioi Pantes island•, shelter of the rare wild cretan kri – kri goats, with the beautiful sandy beach and the ancient church on top of the island. During our trip, you can enjoy swimming, fishing by gun and by lines! Moreover, you can taste your own fish cooked in a greek tavern in our area! As we continue, we pass near the •Lighthouse island• . Across this island, is the imposing •villa of the famous film director Nikos Koundouros• where many Greek movies were filmed! Moving to the north by the boat, you can explore the interior of the •Cave of birds•, even by walking on the inside rocks.
    By reaching Elounda gulf, you can enjoy snorkeling and swimming at the •ancient Olous•, the sunken under water city from where Elounda was named! The remains of the city lie under the sea and parts of them are visible from the surface!
    We continue our trip and we arrive to two different islands:
    •Kolokytha island•,
    •Bird island•! In circular position, where you can enjoy swimming, diving or even fishing!
    Right after, you can taste a delicious meal of homemade traditional Cretan dishes cooked by grandma Praxia in •Agios Fokas island•! On this island you can walk and visit the restored Byzantine church of Agios Fokas (access only by boat)! Next stop is the •Cave of the famous pirate Barbarossa•, where he used to hide his ship and treasures. The cave is very narrow but our skillful captain Michalis can take you deep inside to take absolutely amazing photos and to walk inside the cave. Then we travel to •Krios bay• with the light blue waters for more diving into the sea! At the Northern point of Crete is Agios Ioannis Cap with the old lighthouse on top, or else Aforesmenos Cap, with some very good points for swimming and fishing! On our way back, you can travel around the famous Spinalonga island and learn everything about the history and the people who lived on the island! You can also walk on Spinalonga and have a close look to all historical monuments and the remains of different periods of time and of course visit the museum on the island!
    Opposite Spinalonga island, is the famous fish village •Plaka•! There you can get off the boat, walk around and have a delicious meal of fresh fish, lobsters, cooked in the Cretan way, accompanied with nice Greek wine!

First stop is •Voulisma sandy beach• which has become popular for its bright turquoise waters and stunning green landscape, situated in •Kalo Chorio village•! During our trip, you can enjoy an excellent experience of fishing by gun and by lines! Moreover, you can taste your own fish! Traveling east, we reach the ancient Minoan island of •Psira•, famous for  the archaeological remains which were found on the island and are visible when approaching by the boat! On the west side, you can admire the imposing, vertical and extremely high rocks! In the cave which is formed, we can enter by the boat, get amazing photos and also swimming and snorkelling is possible.
Very close to Psira island is •Agriomadra bay•! There is a completely isolated beach, formed at the exit of a small gorge, perfect for snorkeling, swimming and very well protected by the wind! Wild goats, usually visit the rocks around the beach and the visitors in the beach!
In this quite and idyllic place, you can enjoy a delicious meal of homemade traditional Cretan dishes cooked by grandma Praxia!
You can choose between having a meal on board, or visit •Mochlos•! Mochlos is a pretty seaside village and there are really nice fish tavernas! After having lunch, you can continue with your trip and visit, opposite the beach of Mochlos the little islet, famous for its archaeological findings dating to the Minoan period. On our way back, we visit •Vrionisi island•! Vryonisi is an uninhabited island of Crete in the gulf of Mirabello! On the island there are traces of fortifications of different periods and on a vertical smooth rock in the south there are ancient inscriptions from Napoleon the Great!
It has been listed as a separate settlement of the whole Crete!
Before returning to the marina of Agios Nikolaos, we stop at the •cave of seal•! There, you have the opportunity to swim and visit the interior of the cave. The beach nearby is shaped around the mouth of •Almyros River•! This protected wetland is home to various rare birds, tall eucalyptus trees, reed and few palm trees!

Departure from the Marina of Agios Nikolaos at 08:00 a.m.
There, you have a light meal on board and then, you visit the famous •VOLCANO• for exploring! In the area of the volcano, you can have swim in the •red thermal springs• and visit •Palaia Kameni• and •Nea Kameni•! During our trip, we visit the nearby •Therasia island• and the amazing •Red beach•! Before you visit the center of Santorini, you can see the •Columbus submarine volcano• and the •Christiana islands•!
You can visit •FYRA• (the capital of Santorini island) by taking the cable car or by MINI-BUS!
Free time for shopping, visit the famous wineries,explore the island and have lunch in one of the famous restaurants of the island with the breathtaking caldera view!
At the end of the day, you can visit Ia with the famous SUNSET of Santorini island!
Departure from Santorini to Crete.
(There is always the option to stay overnight in Santorini)!

Let’s travel by boat on the south Crete and on the last island of Greece!

Private swimming at marvelous sandy beaches and on the light blue sea of Chrissi island and Koufonisi island!
• A trip at one by one the little bays!
•Fishing by fishing-gun!
•Fishing by fishing-lines!

Special offer > Cretan food cooked with our own products!
Fruit from our gardens!
All kinds of drinks!

•Full day trip!
•Boat trip one by one the south islets of Crete!

The boat can take up to 11 people.

Ideas for boat cruises:
Bachelor party!
Marriage proposals!
On board events!
Photo shooting!

• Diving!
• Water sports!
• Rings!
• Banana!

Destination D: CHRISSI ISLAND!
The cruise starts from the marina of Ierapetra where the owner and highly experienced captain of the yacht Mr Michalis Klontzas, warmly welcomes you on board!
A traditional Cretan treat from the grandmother is offered to you for a delicious start up!
Together, we schedule the route which satisfies your preferences. During the trip you can choose any place you want to swim. Our suggestion includes the following two destinations:

Destination I: Ierapetra -> Chrissi island (access only by boat)!

First stop is the Golden beach (Belegrina) with the light blue waters, white sand with pink shades due to the thousands of shells. The sand consists of millions of Fossilised Shells! This is one of the most spectacular geological sights of the island! Then, on the eastern side of the island, lies the beautiful beach of Kataprosopo (it means face to face) which faces the island of Mikronissi (a small islet opposite Chrissi). Mikronissi is great for snorkelling. The beach is divided into two by a thin strip of rocky land!
A few meters to the north, raises the small hill of Kefala which is the highest point of Chrissi. On the south side we meet the large and rather isolated beach of Vages, suitable for sunbathe and beach soccer! Next place is Fragou mnima beach! Nice for pik – nik on the sand. To continue, the captain lead us to the beautiful Vlychadia beach. The beach has black and red chalk that comes from red lava! Nearby, you can visit the Archaeological site of Chrissi. Some Minoan ruins and a 13th century Byzantine chapel dedicated to Saint Nikolaos! We move on to Chatzivolakas beach! This is the longest beach on the island of Chrissi! Along the coast we meet small and large dunes for crazy sandboarding, while at two points large volcanic rocks rise out of the sand. The rocky Kendra Beach and the Cape of Kendra are located at the western end of Chrissi island. Next to, is Avlaki beach also with rocky seabed, very nice for walking. At the end of the beach there is the second port of the island at position Spilios cave and the only house in Chrissi built in the middle of the 20th century.
On our way back we visit the •Kales Venetian fortress •which is the only remaining fort in the south coast of Crete. Dated back to the Venetian 13th-15th century, it belongs to the type of rectangular fortifications.
Last but not least we suggest a walk in the oldest and unique libanon cedar trees forest inside the island to complete the tour.


The exotic, uninhabited island on the SE coast of Crete! Unveil the pristine scenery and experience the ultimate feeling of escapism and relaxation. Geek food, drinks, fruits and vegetables from our own gardens, will be offered to you on board!
The landscape on the island resembles paradise. There are 36 beaches ideal for swimming and snorkeling! •Makroulo•, •Perasma beach•, •Trachilos•, •Marmaro•, •Kato Papaloukas beach•, •Akritamos beach•, •Plevro beach•, •Chiliaderfia beach•, •Strongylo• and more! Swim in the turquoise waters of •Asproulas beach•, surrounded from white rocks made of clay ideal for mud spa. •Hiliadelphia sandy beach•, with the dramatic steep cliffs, the dunes and the lilies create an unique contrast of colours and formations. The caves on the island, carved by the wind and the sea water, complete the mysterious scenery. Hawks and other bird species keep their nests in these cavities. Important archaeological remains where found on the island such as the ancient theatre, churches, coins, potterry, seashells and fishing equipment. At the end of the day you can watch the sunset from the chapel of Saint Nikolaos!

In combination with all the other activities during the day, swimming, fishing, snorkeling, eating and drinking, this experience will remain unforgettable and will provide you with exciting memories to share with your friends back home!
Now’s the time to let your worries wash away as you sink your toes into the sand and sprinkle the teeny tiny shells through your fingertips as you listen to the lull of the sea meeting the shore – Ahh, bliss! When you get too hot make a splash into the turquoise-blue sea and stick your head below the water to watch the fish swim next to you!

Each of our boats, can take up to 11 people.

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Bring your friends, your family and we promise you the best day of your life in our boat!

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